The disregard of the following rules will automatically result in being sent home at your own expense.

1. I will not possess or use any illegal, non prescription, or illicit drugs or alcoholic beverages of any nature while at convention.

2. I will not bring to convention any form of weapon.


The disregard of the following code of conduct will result in a meeting with the discipline team.

3. I will attend Worship Celebrations, main sessions, and Reach-In/Reach-Out sessions during the convention.

4. I will not be found in any part of a dorm designated to the opposite sex at any time of day or night.

5. I will not bring to convention any stereo or radio communication device.  Any personal listening devices will only be used in my room after lights out.

6. I will not cause damage to any property of the convention or that of the University where the convention is held.  I agree to pay for any damage caused in my room or damage I am found to have caused.

7. I will not interfere with any life saving equipment such as fire alarms, extinguishers, fire escapes or first aid kits.

8. I will abide by the 12:00 AM curfew - I will not leave my dorm room after this time. Food delivered after 12:00 AM will be sent back by the safety team.

9. All tobacco use will be limited to the designated areas as noted on the campus.

10. I will not bring to convention any form of firework, sparkler, or combustible fuel.

11. I will not leave the campus where the convention is being held during convention except when participating in off-site events as part of the convention.

12. I will follow the dress code as outlined by the convention planning team. (See below)



The Safety team has your safety as their top priority.  While we respect your privacy, should your safety or the safety of those around you come into question, the Safety Team reserves the right to enter your room to maintain a safe environment.



Convention Dress Code

Our expectation is that every person at AOYC treats others with love, dignity, and respect. One aspect of respecting each other is dressing in a way that doesn't distract anyone from the focus of Convention. We expect everyone to dignify themselves and others by wearing things that cover an appropriate amount of skin, and since we all have different views on what "appropriate" is, the leaders of AOYC have set a high standard for what clothing is allowed so that nobody is made to feel uncomfortable. We understand that some people find this to be difficult to comply with, but we hope that by reminding you beforehand and consistently enforcing this standard, we will all be able to choose to respect each other through the clothes we wear at AOYC.


Our standard:

·       Please cover your legs from your waist to where your fingertips reach. If you're not sure how far your fingertips go, stand up and check. If you're concerned that your arms are unusually long, contact us for assistance in measuring.

·       Please cover your upper body with a shirt at all times (even while playing outside, guys). Shoulder straps need to be at least 2 fingers wide. You could always just stick with t-shirts to be safe.

·       If you feel the need to wear a Morphsuit or other spandex clothing, please wear a shirt and shorts over top.