The AOYC relies on the support of a passionate team of volunteers. Many of these volunteers serve year-round, planning every detail of the AOYC. We're always excited to add gifted, excited individuals to the various teams. Please contact us through the forms below or at to connect for further conversation. Please read descriptions and click on "Apply" to reach the application form.

The AOYC continues to grow and explore new ways to reach and impact students through the love of Jesus. We’re excited for what is ahead, and we know that God will provide exactly the types of leaders that are needed for this ministry. If you are passionate about seeing teens encounter Jesus, you’re committed to prayer and to seeking God’s voice in relationship with other leaders, and you’re looking to invest your gifts year-round in the AOYC, we’d love to hear from you. We’re open to leaders of all different giftings, but most specifically, we’re actively looking for individuals with the following strengths:

  • a detail-oriented person to manage finances/bookkeeping

  • a keen, process-driven person to manage our online presence and communication

  • a visionary person to expand the work of our prayer team


We are actively recruiting SGLs for AOYC 2019! We need at least 40 more SGLs. (updated April 2019)

SGLs are the heart of the AOYC experience. They facilitate discussions with groups of 4-8 teens throughout the weekend. We'll provide discussion questions and training; you provide your enthusiasm, passion, and love for teens. A great role for young adults, youth leaders, parents, and anyone with a heart for taking the AOYC experience deeper for each teen.

Should be 18 or older, and SGLs pay the regular registration rate.

To sign up as an SGL, click on "Register" at the top right corner of the page. From there, when you enter your birthdate, you'll register as a leader and you can pick Small Group Leader on the second page of the form.



Leadership Coaches create a structure of support that allows SGLs to do the best job possible and maximize their impact as they interact with their youth.

LCs will cover the SGLs in prayer, and walk alongside, encourage and support SGLs before/throughout/after the weekend. All in all, an LC exists to serve and love the SGLs at the AOYC. This is a great role for veteran SGLs who are over 25 and want to lead in a new and important way. 




The Safety Team helps with the safety of youth during the day and overnight. This is a key role in shepherding and discipling our teens! A great fit for people who care deeply about youth, and want to bless them with a safe and happy weekend.

Should be 25 or older.




The hands and feet of the AOYC team, making sure that snacks are served, rooms are set up, directions are given, signs are posted, hands are sanitized, and more. Requires hard work and involves a lot of fun.



Communications Team

Love photography, videography, and social media? This is a great place to use those skills. Our team works throughout the year to promote the AOYC and connect with as many people as possible.



Prayer Team

Made up of men and women, university-age students to grandparents, the prayer team serves in a variety of ways before, during, and after Convention. This team includes a variety of smaller teams:

  • People from all over Ontario praying for AOYC throughout the year

  • Students who pray over each chair before session begin at AOYC

  • Prayer team members who organize prayer spaces at AOYC and provide prayer for groups and individuals throughout the weekend

  • Counselors who provide direction and a listening ear for students who come to visit them during Convention

  • Spiritual Directors who facilitate spiritual direction times for individuals and groups at AOYC

  • Prayer/Care coordinations for the pastoral care needs of the Convention Lead Team



Stage Team

The stage team works hard to run all the technical aspects of the mainstage sessions and concerts, from setting up the equipment and designing the stage, to projecting lyrics and shooting video.



Worship Team

The worship team's job starts with finding both a speaker and a band for convention. This is usually done at least a year ahead of time. The team meets 3 to 4 times before convention to work with the theme and plan the five worship services, and works very hard during Convention at producing smooth running worship services.



Reach-In/Reach-Out Team

The goal of this team is to help youth experience the Living God throughout the weekend and to be on the lookout for the opportunity to share God’s love with whomever you come in contact with. This is done in two main ways:

  1. Reach Ins

These workshop-style sessions take place Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and are an opportunity for youth to dig deeper into what they are learning at AOYC. As part of the team you will welcome the workshop leaders as they arrive, will assist them in getting comfortable, and will help prepare them for the workshop by praying with and introducing them before each session.

  1. Reach Outs

One of the most exciting activities to take place at convention is the Treasure Hunt--an opportunity for youth to listen to God and then go out in obedience and allow the Holy Spirit to guide them around Waterloo. As part of the team you will help in facilitating the Treasure Hunt during the weekend and be involved with other reach out opportunities.  This will include taking youth around Waterloo to minister and pray for people the God places in their path.

When you are not assisting with Reach Ins or Reach Outs you will be roaming around campus seeking out opportunities to connect with youth, pray with youth, and just listen for God’s promptings and follow in obedience.



Administration Team

Far from being boring, the administration team is at the centre of AOYC action. Processing registrations, sending confirmations, keeping budgets, recruiting leaders, and so much more keeps this team busy.



One-On-One Support

A number of our Conventioneers have unique needs and require some support to fully participate in the weekend. We believe that diversity and accessibility are vital to our AOYC community, and that our experience together is more rich when everyone, regardless of disability or support needs, is able to be present. We need a small team of compassionate, enthusiastic, flexible adults to help in various ways related to the unique needs of our Conventioneers.